From time to time the debate over the dangers of sitting all day at work reignites in the popular media, with clickbait slogans like “sitting is the new smoking”, or “your office chair is trying to kill you” being recycled.  Read More

Private Lives

Eight years ago, in the television series House M.D., an episode titled “Private Lives” aired.  The plot for this episode was built around a blogger (remember those?) who shared every aspect of her life with her online audience.  There were no boundaries Read More

In the News: Selling Energy

I was recently approached for an interview by a senior feature writer for the Christchurch Press newspaper and Stuff website.  A wide-ranging, nearly 3-hour face-to-face interview, largely covering my evolutionary biology perspectives on the current health and well-being industry, was Read More


Following media coverage of an event I spoke at late in 2017 in Wellington, I was honoured to be approached by the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association to speak at their Australasian Turfgrass Conference mid-2018.  I will be delivering the Read More


I was recently approached by a local Personal Trainer and asked the following question (with my answer shared here below): Outside of nutrition and exercise, what are three areas you’d recommend people explore to improve their health? The first area Read More