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I was recently approached for an interview by a senior feature writer for the Christchurch Press newspaper and Stuff website.  A wide-ranging, nearly 3-hour face-to-face interview, largely covering my evolutionary biology perspectives on the current health and well-being industry, was distilled down to a feature section in the weekend newspaper.

I’m always a bit cautious about doing such interviews, never being quite sure exactly what the angle will be, or what statement might be latched on to and taken out of context for the sake of attention-grabbing hyperbole.  On the whole, I was happy with how this one came out, for both myself and my colleague, Dr Karen Faisandier.  It wasn’t a combative, polarising piece.  Indeed it was pleasing to see the comments the head of General Practitioner traing, Dr Les Toop, indicating some common ground in our perspectives.


I particularly liked this statement:

In his own work – he runs a consultancy, Being Human – Scott sells energy.

He says it is human nature that most people aren’t actually all that motivated by the thought of avoiding chronic illnesses at some unspecified date in the distant future.

But they do like the idea of feeling well right now – having the vim and vigour to cope with what the world is throwing at them today.


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