We live in a world where time has become the key currency in which we trade.  Time is money.  Things take time.  We give time.  There is not enough time.

When time and money both become precious yet scarce resources, they fuel a society in a rush.  Always hustling.  Always busy.   At work we are expected to be always switched on.  Always engaged.  Always constant.  Unrelenting.  This is how machines work.

You are not a machine.  You are a human being.

As a human being, it is not time which is your key currency.  It is your energy.  Your energy to physically use and move your body.  Your energy to emotionally connect with others.  Your energy to be attentive and deeply focused.  Your energy to fuel your purpose and passions.  Human energy has evolved from a world which runs in cycles.  In phases.  In seasons.  In ebbs and flows.  It is derived from the physical foundations of sleep, food, and movement. From the emotional elements of connection, belonging, trust, kinship, community, and love.  From having space to focus deeply and creatively on expression, innovation, and problem solving, free from distraction. From the fulfilment of our purposes and passions.  From acts of service – the giving of your energy to others.

Being Human is about exploring the elements of our potential,  our purpose, and our passions.  It is about creating capacity.  About creating space.  About slowing time.  It is about living in circles rather than in a straight line.  It’s about human energy.

Stop being a machine. Start being human.